Hide Images/Pictures On iPhone and iPad

Do you want to hide your images from someone in iPhone or iPad, well then you are reading the right article. You are using some apps to hide or protect your images in iPhone or iPad but here is a simple trick that hide your images in iPhone or iPad without using any app

How to Hide Photos on your iPhone /iPad

  • Open photo library on your iPhone or iPad and select desired image you want to hide
  • Click edit and tap the crop tool. Drag the corners of the cropping box inside in such a way that only small portion of the image is cropped inside the box
  • Save the cropped version and your original image is replaced with the cropped version
When you edit any image in iOS, the original copy of the image is saved along with your cropped version image in your iOS device

How to revert to original image

To revert the original image back, just open the edited image and select Edit and click Revert to original in iPad and in iPhone drag the cropping handle outside to see your original image