How To Check/Know If A Blog/Website Was Banned By Google Adsense

Everyone knows about AdSense behaviour towards Website/blogs who do not follow their terms & privacy policy. If you do so, you will get banned to your website. Many times if the website is not complying with Adsense terms and polices, Adsense team disables ad serving. Most of the times the Adsense account is permanently banned, but sometimes ad serving is only disabled from a particular website and not whole adsense account.

Why is it Necessary to Check if AdSense is Banned on a Website/Blog

Well if you are going to purchase a second hand domain name than you might wanna consider checking out if website has adsense active or not. You not only need to verify the claims made by the current owner of the website but also do extra research to find out more about the owner, domain and website. Some of the things that you may want to verify are for instance whether the content on a website is unique, if the traffic and revenue figures are correct, or whether the website has previously been manually or automatically punished by Adsense. Adsense ads don’t display on sites that have been banned by Google, even if you add code to the site that is working on other websites.
Google AdSense Sandbox is a tool which allow you to check if your website banned or not, so it simply loads up the advertisements when you enter the domain name. If you see advertisement then the site is not banned by Google and can display Adsense ads after all. If you do not see ads, it is likely that Google has banned the site from the Adsense program.