How to View WebSites/Forums Without registration Using Google Cache

Have you ever visited a forum or website in search of specific software or article and found that you have to register to that forum in order to see that hidden content? Yes, it happens many times. Forum admins hide content in order to increase forum member count. But, this registration really sucks. Google's cache simply stores an image website or forum and you can watch the whole website in text mode. Google's robots are not restricted to view the contents of the form so they bypass the registration process and stores that forums pages in its database and if website is down you can even access the cache to view the websites content.This trick works for many forums and websites, but still this can have impact where cache option is disabled by the forums or site owners.

How to bypass forum registration

  1. Copy the URL of forum post which ask you for the registration
  2. Paste that url in google search
  3. Click on the small arrow shown at the right of every search result, and you will see Cached - Similar option. 
  4. Click on Cached option and you will see that page without any registration
That's it ,so easy
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