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Your Blogger Blog Posts get old and you want To change published post date in blogger. This article will help you to change the published post date in Blogger. If your blog posts is very old means you have created it long time ago or some years ago it get outdated and require a comprehensive edit. Updating post date timely had a positive impact on the overall search engine ranking. From the perspective of someone conducting a search, I would definitely prefer to read a post which has been published recently. In fact, when searching I often click on links which are dated recently. Moreover google will prefer to display the articles which are published recently in google search engine. So updating your or changing the date of posts have a postive impact on SEO. To provide up to date information to your readers, it is necessary for you to update your published posts. This would make your content current, but also helps you to put your old article in front page of your blog. If you are not updating your blog post date it have a negative impact on search engine ranking. So to get the top search engine ranking it is recommended to update/ change the date of post timely.

How to Change The Date of Published Posts in Blogger

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard
  • Click on DropDown Menu and select Posts
Now blogger dashboard will display the articles which are published on your blog. You can even search your post by using the search box available at the top right corner and typing the post title in it. Now hover over the blog post title and it will display the edit option. just click on edit or click on the post title

change publish post date in blogger

Now it will redirect you to the post editor. You can even make necessary changes in your content. Now go to the post setting shown at the right side of your screen and click on published on. Now a small calendar will appear. Now you can change the date time of your blog post to the most recent. Press the done button to save the changes that you have made to your date

change publish post

Finally click on the update button present at the top. now your blog post have a new date.

How to make old post as recent post without changing url in blogger

Most bloggers want to display their blog old post at the front page of their blog, but they don't know how to do that. Most of them delete their old blog post and create their new post. But it is not SEO friendly. To make your old blog post to appear at the top of front page just change the date of posts to current date. After changing the date you will find old post in home page