How to Setup

FeedBurner email is a service that allows publishers to deliver their feed content to subscribers via email. Every major blog is using FeedBurner to burn their RSS feeds because It’s very easy to burn your feed using Feedburner and it offers some great Email newsletter features like Free Email subscription, Email delivery time, Email subject title and so on. Feedburner is one must have free service for Bloggers to set up RSS feed and track the performance. Feedburner is owned by Google, and you can also use Feedburner Email subscriptions service to send free Email newsletter to your blog subscribers and there is no limit to number of subscribers using Feedburner.

After publishing the blog post every blogger wants that someone reads their blog post. They want readers, who will read their blog post. Most blog readers want to get notify by email about the new post which is recently published. So you need feedburner to notify your blog readers by sending an email about publishing your new blog post direct to their inbox. I am talking about free Feedburner service for bloggers and this service is powered by Google. The good thing about this service is it is not paid and much better than other paid services. Now you are thinking that how to setup feedburner for WordPress blog or website or blogspot then don’t worry I will explain you all the method step by step.

How To Setup Feedburner On WordPress

This is a guide for those Blogspot or WordPress bloggers who are still using the default feed provided by blog platform.

1. Go to Feedburner and Login by using your Google account.

2. After logging into Feedburner, you need to enter your blog URL in the box saying Burn a feed right this instant and then click on the Next button

3. Now you will choose the title of your Feed and the address of your feed. It is advised to keep the title of your feed the same as your blog. It is best to keep your feed address short and memorable.

4. Now your feedburner feed is live. Just click on Click on the Skip directly to Feed Management.

5. Now we will work on optimizing your WordPress Blog Feed. You need to make sure that you haev Browser Friendly option activated, which makes subscribing simple. After this, click on SmartFeed service and activate them. It makes maximum compatibility with any feed reader application. Then Go to Feedflare and activate it because it builds interactivity in to the posts by adding some sharing options.

6. Now you have to Publicize your feeds. You need to allow Email Subscriptions on your site because there are users who prefer to get email updates rather than using Google reader. Pingshot must be activated because it notifies services when you post. Feedcount widget lets you show off your subscriber count, and remaining services you can activate according to your need.

Process Of Integrating Feedburner Into WordPress

So now you have successfully created a fedburner feed for your blog. Now, all you need to do is install feedburner feedsmith plugin or FD feedburner plugin, and redirect all WordPress default feeds to Feedburner feed.